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research services

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sustain top line growth. incipient's strategic consultants deliver practical services, providing solutions that drive incremental growth.



user experience (UX) research

incipient can handle the systematic study of your target users and their requirements, to add realistic contexts and insights to design processes.


panels and audiences

incipient provides panels and audiences for your surveys, interviews, and focus groups so you can take the guesswork out of recruiting participants. we provide you with the audiences you need to capture market sentiment.


focus groups

incipient uses focus groups to create a discussion around the most pressing business challenges. this qualitative approach allows us to deliver candid, honest feedback from your consumers.


managed services

incipient can serve as your outsourced, concierge research team. we can help you by managing frequent user or consumer research, saving you valuable time and slashing your fail rate.


survey design, execution, & analysis

incipient designs surveys with the goal of receiving maximum insights from survey research. Not all surveys are created equal, and our team is prepared to execute your survey to provide you with timely analysis and actionable insights.



incipient interviews are structured to provide both a qualitative and quantitative perspective, so you can deep dive into buyer needs, personas, and pain points. 

Interviewing was fun. It feels good to give feedback that I know will help make products better. I would definitely interview with Alexandria again. research participant

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