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our giving commitment

our values.

incipient is working to create a better Dallas. We know that a healthy community lies at the foundation of every society. It is our mission to support impactful  programs to make a real difference in our community. Our giving reflects our vision to deliver a healthier future for a thriving society.

where we're giving.

In the Dallas community, more than 300,000 people live in poverty. Poverty is the single largest determinant of health, and poor health leads to decreased social and economic development. In 2021, incipient donated at least 1% of our annual profits to CitySquare Community Clinic – an organization that  provides a permanent medical home for the uninsured residents of Dallas.

looking forward.

Healthcare is undergoing a rapid period of change. As technology advances, incipient will remain committed to ensuring that none of our community is left behind. 

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