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incipient's first annual digital health study

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There's no doubt digital healthcare can be a catalyst for greater equity - reaching the previously 'unaccessible' patient population more readily than ever. However, the rush of private equity firms into the space has economists concerned about the spike in costs associated with some of today's top digital health startups. 

We've surveyed internal employees of digital health startups, interviewed users of digital health apps, and created a metric for how 'equity' is built into (or left out of) digital health. Our study includes: 

  • An quantitative analysis of how equity is 'built in' to digital health

  • An update on investments in the digital health space

  • A projection of whether digital health may be a bubble 

  • A study of the types of digital health that exist

  • A 2,100 point competitor analysis of digital health unicorns

  • A comprehensive guide to the types of digital health we see now

  • A metaverse tracker to trace how digital health may look by 2030