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incipient's Digital Health Equity Study

Bias and generalizability is not an issue exclusive to AI/ML-based devices. Given the opacity of the functioning of many AI/ML algorithms, as well as the outsized role we expect these devices to play in health care, it is especially important to carefully consider these issues for AI/ML-based products.

The Food and Drug Administration,

Software as a Medical Device Action Plan January 2021

Digital health startups have the potential to improve and democratize healthcare delivery in the United States. As the state of healthcare evolves toward a 'consumer-centric' model, where digital health plays an increased role in patient outcomes, innovative companies must work to ensure that immediate patient needs are met. However, it doesn't stop there. Some innovative technologies have been found to contain bias that may not ensure the equitable delivery of healthcare that consumers have been waiting for. 

Unicorn digital health startups are increasingly considered to be the future of the health industry and are viewed as the 'most likely to succeed' within the class of digital health startups. Our study seeks to measure the impact of digital health startups on the communities they serve, determine which communities are underserved by these products, and review digital health startups from a competitive standpoint.

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